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Coral fleece relatively short time there, is a new type of fabric. Its surface is covered with colorful, assumes the coral velvet, so named coral velvet. Coral velvet texture is very delicate, soft and comfortable, also has does not fade, no pilling characteristics, stimulation of the skin is very small, close to zero. In fact, the majority of consumers the impression, in addition to soft, is the rich and colorful color. Absorbent coral fleece is better, once encounter water, will absorb, make its weight becomes extremely large.

Fleece is a popular fabric, it appeared earlier than coral velvet, in ninety years was introduced into China market. It is a new polyester fleece fabric through form, has the characteristics of not losing hair, no pilling, non-stick hair, at the same time in the fabric of the front, fluffy, texture clear, abaxially villous sparse uniform. After multiple treatment, fleece will not stimulate the skin effect, non-toxic harmless, static electricity can not afford. Characteristics described above are very good response between the fleece and coral velvet, make people more clearly understand their winter clothes, to choice the reasonable reference.

Benefits of Coral Fleece Towels

Softness – Extremely soft and supple, comfortable and durable.
Lightweight – Light and easy to carry.
Washable – May be dry cleaned or washed up to 500 times.
High strength – Shrink resistant if properly cared for.
Extra Absorption – Able to absorb up to 25 times its weight.
Cleanliness – Leaves no dust particles, fibers, or debris behind.